Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Initiatives Make Hawaiʻi a Perfect Host

Enterprise Honolulu hosted the World Congress on Zero Emissions conference at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center and featured the Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club to close the event.  How fitting that a week of activities aimed at preserving our natural resources and creating a better environment wrapped up with some very creatively tied in choral music by the Glee Club.  A special Mahalo to our gracious hosts Pono Shim and Mark McGuffie of Enterprise Honolulu.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Native Peoples Converge

Native tribes from all over the country converged on Honolulu for their Healing Our World Spirit conference.  The Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club under the direction of Aaron Mahi, joined Nola Nāhulu and a host of choirs under her direction to celebrate the beauty of choral music at Kawaiahaʻo Church.